Day 7_10.30.17_470 Words_Don’t be your own business’ downfall

Today I changed up the game plan of content for Inspreneur. It is going to be based on more anecdotal stories to begin with.

I will chronicle my journey, tips and resources and share other bootstrapper stories. This is one of the only ways that I could think of to make this more sustainable. I haven’t even looked into this being profitable. I hope I can bring this blog being a supplemental income while providing resources to other budding entrepreneurs or should I say budding bootstrappers.

Right now I do not have the time or resources to be like a reporter and source interviews with professionals.

I hope to include those articles some day with preferably them not all being penned by me. But now I am focused on showcasing the nitty-gritty of bootstrapping I’ve done and the central forces that can springboard a bootstrapper to the next level.
I’ve done some preliminary research and have not come across specifically with a subject, tag or metadata reference to bootstrapping.

Elements and the process of bootstrapping can be housed in an entrepreneurial book, but I think this way of building a business deserves a standalone few hundred pages.

I think it deserves at least it’s own library shelf of information for different industries and the like, but I’ll have to settle for conquering baby steps first.

So many individuals want to carve their way. I know we all need help, but the notion of coming up with an idea, making a business plan and then pitching it to a circle of dudes sitting around a boardroom table as the California sunshine illuminates their crisp white dress shirts is one I use as motivation.

The vision is already intimidating enough. But to be blinded before you get there and then to be blinded while in the room with men who seem to be immortal and the only angels who can make the dream come true is just…well…


Right. OK. Back to reality and furiously scrub that image away and out of your mind at once!

You are psyching yourself out with such poisonous imagery. If you envision yourself failing, trembling or being nervous, you have already lost.

There are other ways to grow your business—they are not easy, but they will teach you everything that will and could go wrong and right about your endeavour. So when you walk into that boardroom to pitch, or are sitting behind the table one day, or choose a completely different path, you’ll never be blinded by your own hindrances and any business ones because you can handle the problems that arose and will be able to imagine scenarios and practice about how to prepare for them if anything else happens.

Do not be blinded by yourself, others or your business.

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