Day 6_10.28.17_465 Words_Confidence

I have a mantra that I thought of a few years back in the wake of looking for jobs a a fresh graduate and pitching myself over and over again to the same drones.

The mantra is a phrase I haven’t needed to tell many people about. On occasion when friends have asked for advice and support, I do share with them my phrase if it applies,

I’m not trying to sound like I guard it for my own benefit. No. I’m happy to share it with the world, but sometimes people only hear words and not the meaning, the context. The appreciation as never there to begin with and I learned to be available when people ask for help and want to change. You can role out the red carpet of support, and I have, and I have been left destroyed, used and taken for granted. I now say my peace and tell the person if they are serious of finding a solution, you have my number, on the first ring I’ll pick up to help or talk, but I am not the catalyst to change, you are.

The mantra I tell myself is simple. It is: If I don’t have confidence in myself, who else will?

This phrase has kept me strong when I have felt weak.

It has kept me on target when I lead myself astray.

It has kept me realistic and focused when the world becomes too much.

It has kept me true to my beliefs, morals & values.

It inspires me to push myself.

It reminds me to rethink my capabilities and skills.

It has me check in on my wellness and inner being.

It pushes me to take on the challenges or create new ones.

It makes me realize my goals and skills and assures me that I have the ability to do it.

It assures me that I can make progress in the world.

It makes me assess my potential, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses.

It reminds me that fear is fake and I am not fake.

The mantra keeps me humble.

The mantra keeps me thirsty.

I could go on and on about how & what this mantra has done for me.

The words and the meaning are an important message to use when doubting yourself. Reciting this mantra, reading it on paper in on your computer, nightstand, journal, will also help you get back on track. Digressing happens. Doubt happens. Don’t let it overtake you. Wrangle back the confidence to take control.

I fell off the bandwagon a bit. I was disappointed in myself for letting that happen, but instead of completely throwing in the towel, I will continue on and try to finish strong with the remaining days and post consecutively.

Thanks for sticking with me.

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