Day 5_10.15.17_308 words_Thoughts on work problems

Day 5. I’m scratching for words here to write. I have no topic in mind. I can say that compared to yesterday evening I woke up clearheaded and better off. I’m not going to let this day and subsequent days be affected by minuscule occurrences of poor managerial responsibility.

I’m going to continue on as I did Monday and not let events taint my being. If I wanted to I could still get what I needed because I have the vacation days, I thought about it and asked for feedback from a few trusted people. Responses were mixed and there wasn’t a majority consensus on to use them strategically in a defiant way or not.

I opted to not use my days to accommodate a temporary change in my day. One confidant put that act as stubborn and as aforementioned above defiant. I understood.

As I thought about myself and how I would like to see myself move forward professionally in the world, this was “Strategic” option was not the tool I should use to grow and move forward as a thriving American citizen with values and the “dream” on my mind.

My recourse is to tough it out and make it work. I do believe the workload to be lighter during the holiday season, so I have that on my side. I do not have time and a consistent train schedule on my side, and we all have our obstacles.

I’ve also opted to take a day off if I need it on one of my prescribed days of conflict. That I believe is not only a justified solution, but a respectable one if it gets to be too much. I still have days to take off before 2018.

I’ve decided that situation is settled. I hope I remember it when/if I become a manager again someday.

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