Day 4_10.15.17_578 words_Work and your wellbeing

Today was a bit difficult at work. After having such a day that had a few emotional hurdles to climb over and no support from management it was hard to find the drive and create a long lasting momentum to work on my side projects.

There are different meanings to the point about bringing work home. I think there are two sides to this point. One being the literal one of physically bringing work home to get a head start, finish a task, etc. The second point is bringing home emotional baggage from work. I don’t advocate bringing either home because even though I think the work/life balance is a load of baloney, there needs to be some red line drawn somewhere. It is utterly unhealthy to be focused solely on work. There needs to time spent to recharge and nurture yourself.

Whatever the problems at work during the day or stress from bootstrapping, it is vital to your overall wellbeing to stay mentally and physically fit. I’m not talking about being a weightlifting MENSA, but healthy eating on a regular basis, some detachment from work to clear your head and maybe some physical activity will breathe new thoughts into you.

I am about ready to post my first bootstrapper profile in this blog. It has been a long time in the making. Well, it has been a few weeks. Albeit a few too many I let pass without hunkering down and pumping the write up out. My discussion with my first bootstrapper was all encompassing. We touched on the struggles, the lifestyle, advice and a powerful note he left me with was about wellness.

If he could do it all over again, one note he said he would work on would be his care about his wellbeing. He said he let it go to the wayside and paid for it. Now he is back on track, but taking time for yourself is vital to staying refreshed, positive, motivated and clearheaded.

Wellness is rejuvenating and can propel a person forward to tackle any bootstrapping and work related problems. Being physically and mentally week and emotionally distraught can create so many other health problems that reflect in other parts of your life.

Today’s post felt forced and rushed. As I try to crank out sentences about this topic, I’m not sure I am making sense. I guess this is a direct reflection of having a clear head and not tagging the emotional baggage of work home with you.

Yes, today through me a bit of a curveball. Especially, since I was honest and went through all the proper channels. So to have a decision reneged on me it felt as if the carpet was ripped from under me and I fell to the marble flooring and broke a hip. That or the waiter of my life laughed in my face as he pulled the tablecloth of scalding soup and it landed on me paralyzing me in pain. Perhaps these illustrations sound a bit dramatic, but I feel better after writing them. When your wellness is in flux, it can leave you muddy and when I go home to moonlight on these projects that hope to bring me rewards in the future. It is irritating because I can not 100 percent focus on the personal endeavors that supposed to have equal attention given to them.

I mean to an extent without health means no wealth…in any form. So stay #healthie.

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