Day 3_10.16.17_541 Words_Using Commuting to your advantage

I’m pushing myself with this challenge. I am currently writing on the train, something I never do. Even when I bring my laptop home on a regular basis, I never normally whip it out to do work. One because I need some downtime away from the 8 hours I just gave, but also because in less than two hours, my laptop normally dies. It has a terrible battery life. That latter point is the main reason I don’t work while commuting. NJ Transit offers minimal outlets…if they even work.

This is a terrible situation I put myself in. I have a solid 60 minute train ride each way, which is uninterrupted. That is two hours a day I could spend working on moonlighting and figuring out any problems or innovative ways to help my bootstrapped business prosper.

There are ways around me using work laptop on the train. I can use it until the battery dies. I can bring another laptop with me and lug that around as well. I can use the time as wellness time or read, write, plan.

Though I find myself mostly daydreaming and listening to music because I am fried and need downtime, that is not an excuse for the morning commute. Both commutes have different vibes to them and if I can get my ish together a little faster in the morning (maybe if I stuck to more of a bland routine) then I wouldn’t be so unmotivated to get a head start.

Bootstrapping, building a business takes a lot of work, effort and time. It is not easy and wont be so for a very long time. Finding the energy and building that into stamina takes trial and error and perseverance, but once you find the momentum and stick to it, it is a plentiful and reward-reaping habit that will help you make progress and see that progress.

Commuting sucks the life out of you. I don’t find it rejuvenating at all. Mine, I must say, is stress free for the bulk of it. I don’t have to drive the majority of the way to my work destination. As I mentioned, the bulk is on a train and on that train I waste time that I kick myself in the metaphorical rear for not taking more advantage of the quiet and limited distractions besides delays and over crowdedness.

Good news though, three days in to this challenge and I can happily say that as I type this I am sitting on the train heading at half past eight in the morning. So, if anything comes out of this challenge besides rambling words of encouragement and what not to do based on me then it is motivation to work on the train.

With that, I must pack up and walk to the underground train to take me my last leg of my 100 minute journey. Always be truthful, 100 minutes even though a bit more of a pain to say is accurate and more sympathy inducing than a 90 minute commute. 100 just paints a totally different picture in the mind, so don’t waste any more time and get started. Utilize what you have to your advantage because as the cliché goes, time is precious.

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