Day 1_10.14.17_648 words_Pondering Accountability

I’m not entirely sure how writing about anything that comes to mind will help my specific blog, but as a growth experiment and a blogger who needs accountability, I am willing to try and post this on my site…probably under the resources section.

Speaking of accountability, this has ben the hardest challenge to overcome with my resource blog about bootrstrapping. I have this grandiose plan for it and where I would like to take it, however, I find myself falling off the moonlighting wagon. I’m not hitting any brick walls, I am just stumbling over tiny speed bumps and pretty much have stalled on the street not knowing which way to turn.

Habits are hard to build. And to build a habit of accountability has proved difficult. A schedule, a plan, daily notes and quotes on encouragement have all seemed to fallen to the wayside. Maybe I don’t give these techniques enough credit or a long enough chance. I did read a few places that a habit take two to three weeks to build and maybe three months to start feeling natural. I’m not sure if those are the exact numbers are not, but it takes a bit of time to ingrain something into your system and have it feel like a normal part of life.

Perhaps the problem is that I have given building a routine too many shots using too many techniques. As I continue to lament in this first post, I’m starting to realize maybe I am secretly procrastinating and indulging my impatience by trying technique after technique and not giving each technique, be it a content calendar, daily notes, schedule, etc., ample time to go through a beta that works for me or doesn’t. There is also the issue that I like to investing ate and learn about different techniques one so that I know and two because maybe there is another one out there better suited to my needs. I like to know of all the competitors or at least most of them when I shop for anything. I’m confident I have created other artificial roadblocks that have me hinder my own success.

Perhaps it is my impatience. It is hard to stick to something without seeing results, and by not seeing results you ponder if the method is working or not. I’m not utterly, incorrigibly or nastily impatient. I just want to see results so I can make better and more informed decisions as to keep going or veer in another direction.

When it comes to social media, it just feels like such a waiting game. Engagement on social is certainly a weakness of mine, but does my infrequent and lack of contact besides posting hinder my results and increase my impatience? I mean if I were to interact more would the results I am seeking come back faster? Maybe I should just try, but I can say that on my second blog, a foodie one, that I share with my friend, she does more of the interacting and there are still limited results that prove we are headed in the right direction. I can say that I always make my deadline on the food blog because I don’t want to let my friend down. Having her there, albeit she is on the west coast and me the east coast, makes us both more accountable. We end up posting two recipes a week, but I’m not questioning our niche and content.

Accountability is a hard thing to achieve solo. And even when you do have, other problems arise that you want and need to fix. Accountability is definitely the foundation to building a community, building blogging, engagement habits and a social presence. It is tough to stay accountable to yourself when you are longing for results to help make more business decisions and steer you in a profitable and enjoyable direction.

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