My 500 words – A 31 day challenge

Inspreneur is, right now, a solo endeavour. My biggest struggles are keeping to a content schedule, holding myself accountable and juggling my half-baked article ideas. By chance, I came across an offshoot site of writer, Jeff Goins that can help stabilize the flucations of a bootstrapper.

It was a 31 day challenge called My 500 words where write at least 500 words each day and post it somewhere. The writing is not to be edited or hidden, it is to be published so you stick to the act and craft to build discipline and accountability.

I’ve decided to do it as it can keep me accountable, highlights written communication as an important skill, builds a routine and gives me a space to brainstorm to further develop future blog post ideas.

Check out the challenge and wider community here. You can join a Facebook group for support and encouragement and explore the list of participants and their blogs to see what they do and network.

Here it goes. Day 1 begins now on October 14, 2017.

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