Brainstorming business Ideas and concept ideas

Re: 10.13.17 Idea Spitball

I don’t know about you, but from time to time I have these ideas that pop into my head either our of nowhere or from pure frustration and irritation. Many of those ideas I scribble down in hopes of returning to them for further inspiration or to develop a little further. Regardless, these ideas are worth the world seeing because I can’t look in to every single one! But maybe you can! Perhaps, you need an idea to develop to take to the next level.

I know my strengths are in idea curating, foundation building and starting off…or up. I am great at the beginning stages and thrive in chaos and would love to see these ideas spring into something or be tested and totally revamped or even shot down.

Im introducing the weekly idea spitball. It is an end of week post for me and contributors to write down their basic ideas they thought of for the world to see. Hit me up if you have one you’d like others to see for feedback or collaboration.

Business Ideas

Connecting Concierge. This idea came about after traveling and experiencing delays and stop overs. What if there was this on-the-go counter that helped you get to your final destination by bypassing the airlines and their systems. Like a human Kayak or Expedia aggregator that redirects you through the path of least trouble.


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