Bringing the “water cooler workspace” to you

A little bit of background noise can help you concentrate and plough through work, but too much cacophony can be a deterrent to getting work done.

The familiar surroundings and the distractions that sprout from working on your start up either at home or from your office cafeteria booth are numerous. Working and collaborative spaces cost hundreds of dollars a month.

There are cheaper and free alternatives for you to get work done. Coffee shops, libraries, parks, restaurants and college campuses are just some venues for a bootstrapper to consider working from. All of these places you can make work for you. There are a few apps and sites out there that provide background noise to help you concentrate and tune out distraction whether in the library or at home. Here I am focusing on free background noise providers that have a phone app. Of course, you can always listen to YouTube, but this type of music were designed to increase productivity and stave off the distracting noises.

Here are two options to shut away inane and miscellaneous clatter so you can focus. (Most of these have two options a free version and a premium offering.)

The first service of this kind that I came across and still use after all these years. The free version has three options Morning Murmur, Lunchtime Lounge and University Undertones. The Coffitivity team has other options included in their premium service and has a penchant for alliteration.
This You can choose from three presets or customize how much rain and thunder you want added. You can choose how much original rain, rolling thunder and heavy thunder should be included in the loop. You can even create your own preset.

There are a few other apps that offer background noise such Jazz and Rain, Rainy Mood, Simply Noise and Focus@Will. Jazz and Rain and Simply Noise are still available as websites and phone applications but upon further discovery they have not been updated in at least over a year. Focus@Will requires a log in and gives a free two week trial. Rainy Mood only offers a free version on the web. The app is $2.99.

Photo by Climate KIC on Unsplash

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