“Everyone needs an editor”

I was stuck on this last sentence for an email communication. It was the last email draft I had crafted for a campaign. I set up the logistics, trained the team, wrote and designed the emails. I just needed the copy checked, and specifically I needed a second pair of eyes to tell me what was awry with this one sentence. I knew the wording on the last email in one sentence wasn’t right. To me it made sense, but it sounded as if it didn’t fit, and I needed to figure out why. I couldn’t properly express what my … Continue reading “Everyone needs an editor”

Feedback, a valuable communications tool

I knew I was going to see it scribbled over my work. But how much was another story. The bright red ink bled through my typed words. When the pen tip left the paper for a breath at the end of each hash, “x” mark, squiggle and slash, the red ink remained like a sticky blotch, coagulating. The build up was this trail of markings. They taunted me. I didn’t enjoy seeing all those marks and flags, but it was my first shot at this craft, and I was hungry to learn. I sat down at bossman’s desk to review … Continue reading Feedback, a valuable communications tool