Toastmasters Speech 4: How do I say it?

Thank you Toastmasters for being here today.

I’m here to share with you how I managed to finally say it. I had all these elaborate topics and plans that I thought would’ve made a good fourth speech. As I started to develop the ideas they just seemed to falter.

With each topic, I thought I was going to do, I didn’t know if I was going to hit all the main objectives such as use a rhetorical device to enhance your point, communicate your ideas clearly, have good grammar and don’t use unnecessary words.

How did I manage to get speech four rolling? I had mulled these ill conceived ideas over on Sunday night after Game of Thrones.

I knew I had to get something down on paper.

The clock was ticking and knowing how I fumbled my way through the first three speeches, I needed to at least grant myself quality review time other than the 63-minute train ride on the Thursday morning.

I decided to regroup and not focus on one simple topic, but instead I needed to use a few topics to achieve these goals of speech four. I used my former projects number three detailing heels and number two talking about food.

I hunkered down in my room and reread the overview of speech four and one suggestion or tip to writing speech four was to use simple words, specifically one syllable words.

Immediately I thought how awesome would it be to have a speech using only one syllable words. Before that even had a minute to marinate in my mind, I realized: I WOULD NEED NOTES TO GET THROUGH THE SPEECH.

That would be bad, I didn’t want to regress. Revert. Back track. Go back to square one.

Curse those clichés! They’re so useful because they paint a clear picture…people get them. That became my other option. A history of the cliché. Nixed it—I would’ve fallen faster with that speech than in heels.

Then I thought about introducing my food blog to the group. What better way to keep my audience engaged than with tantalizing them with the prospect of eating around lunch time. I would be sure to mention my love for chocolate cake, not pie. And how I recently went to Raclette, this Suisse/Frenchie foodie haven in the East Village that demolishes 5-7 cheese wheels a day!

My friend and I ordered a traditional Suisse raclette and watched the waitress scrape a waterfall of cheese over our plate of potatoes. Phones were out and we were videoing—and to my surprise BuzzfeedVideo requested our video to be used in one of their stories. That was equally as exciting as the waitress mentioning that we could indulge in another free scrape if we just asked! We got a second cheesy mountain scraped over our scraps of ham, bread and potatoes.

We lumbered out the door and decided to swear off dairy for a few weeks, we thought we were satisfied. Then two blocks later until we passed big gay ice cream. We caved.

Since I’m still in my diary coma from Sunday, I’m not sure if I hit the objectives of speech four: How to say it. I think the main points were:

Use any rhetorical devices in this speech.

Vividly describe/communicate the topic.

Don’t use jargon.

At this point, I’ve succumb to time and may just have to accept that speech four had me bending the knee.

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