Stumped on your social messaging? Instagram & blog content don’t have to directly align

I’ve struggled with finding an identity for this blog up until recently.

I think you can see that through my erratic posting in June and July. What really ate at me was that I felt as if I didn’t have appropriate content to put on Instagram. I thought my posts on this blog and photos on Instagram were not aligned to accurately spread the concept and messaging of Inspreneur.

I sought feedback from friends, and two gave much needed advice and tips. Anna suggested I focus on one concept for each path—personal and professional. That comment helped me brainstorm to focus on Groundwork Gourmet because cooking is an area I can easily showcase and practice while I have roommates (my parents and brother). Groundwork Gourmet also relates directly to my other venture, Plate by State.

Plate by State is a food blog I help run with a friend, Anne. Anne happened to give me my second piece of advice about Instagram posts. She, I think, is a genius and natural when it comes to social media, Snapchat and everything on social/digital platform. Posting on social is never at the forefront of mind, so when she said that my IG posts can be more general and about me as opposed to relating directly and only to the Inspreneur blog, I perked up.

Anne explained that Instagram is a very loose channel. Since the Inspreneur message and my overall hope for it is to be a community incubator of events, harboring expression and inspiration and an entrepreneur network, I can capture broader images and videos that are related to the concept instead of being directly linked to the concept.

I understood her thought process and it made sense. I am just starting out and need content. I also don’t have the resources to constantly create new photos and videos, so more natural snapshots of me working, thinking and expanding the concepts of inspiration and entrepreneurship will help gain an insightful, inquisitive and engaged audience.

I post many flower photos and dog photos because in my IG bio, I explain that is where I get much of my inspiration. I also love history, and walk near the Statue of Liberty often during the weekdays and that is how I cam up with the #askladyliberty segment. The story prompt initiative, which breaks down a photo into nine equally spliced segmented photos, is to help me write more consistently and learn different posting techniques on Instagram.

I’m glad the two outlets don’t necessarily need to be tightly aligned or feature everything I eventually want to do. Inspreneur is young and will morph, so by focusing on one concept that aligns both the personal and professional entrepreneur will help promote my creativity and allow me to experiment with audience interest and engagement solely on Instagram.

Looking back I was overthinking my overall message. I felt that my unconfirmed blog identity drove me to a lack of purpose. That caused me grief, confusion and worst of all, a resistance to pursue Inspreneur.

Inspreneur even got tripped up in finding its expression for a time, and that roadblock is what helps to identify how to go about finding it. Start small, start simple and build a foundation. With Inspreneur I reigned in the interests to only focus of Groundwork Gourmet. I also opened up the inspiration floodgates on IG to allow myself to be free and post so I can experiment with what works.

I am in the beginning stage and I finally learned to be ok with not having a totally thought out and strict message to relay to my audience because now I have a foundation for them to see where I may head and how they can join.

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