How to break down situations to find simple answers

When I take a trip and am on a walking tour or just gliding down an old street in, I like to envision a different time period of when people lived, whether that was the Great Depression, Roaring 20’s, colonial era or the Revolutionary War.

From the time I can remember, I’ve been someone who looks at an object or a landscape and envisions what was there. Essentially, Im thinking of the building blocks of what made the product. I always see beyond that object and look at its beginnings.

When I see a glass cup, the ocean and sand flock my vision. They are the ingredients that built a beautiful beginning to the glass cup; they’re its history, its foundation.

I think you understand my POV. I envision the past foundations that got me to the current point. I look at the situation or the product and break it down so each ingredient is easier to comprehend and gives me more insight into solving problems or identifying a clue.

I can sit beyond my laptop screen and tell you what you can and cannot do or should and should not do. I wont. I’m going to show you how to grasp situations every bootstrapper faces. I’m going to build a strong base and outline what I’m doing and what I’m learning. From those lessons you can copy, rework and/or apply whatever as necessary. But, I won’t be telling you; I’ll be showing you.

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