How to start a venture on your own

The key to starting is to just do it. There it is–laid out in the first sentence of this first paragraph for you–no digging deep into this post to find the key to making things happen in life.

You can begin to “just do it” (I’m not promoting/endorsing Nike at all) by thinking of the why and what of the idea. Then once these loose concepts are compiled, it’s time to make them real and tangible.

The first step is to write the ideas floating in your head down. Write down the purpose, goals and anything else you think necessary at that moment. This can be sloppy, bullet points, scribble on a napkin or a note on your phone as you commute to work. By writing down the concept of the idea, you’re giving it permission to take root and become more than a passing thought.

Once the concept is written down, begin to flush it out. The playbook you are drafting is not your final business plan. It is a synopsis of your ideal proposal for your ideal venture. If Disney magic existed and you could create anything, what would it be and why? This is you rendering the ultimate dreamscape of your ideal venture before research and reality constrain it.

The playbook will house your purpose, goals, revenue strategy, collaboration strategy, products and anything else. It is your business bible and will provide you with a foundation of a clear understanding of your venture’s purpose from lofty to reality.

As you develop your playbook through research, trial and error and feedback, it will become more realistic in terms of what you can achieve in the marketplace. The great component to my startup playbook strategy is that there is a definitive trail from lavish, idealistic idea to realistic, tangible product/service. By having the entire playbook at your fingertips, you can draw inspiration from the idealistic idea and never loose sight of those emotions, fervor and passion if ever the venture needed to be reworked.

One thought on “How to start a venture on your own

  1. If Disney magic existed and you could create anything, what would it be and why? A pub in the suburbs, good liquor, games in the back such as Virtual Golf, medium dance floor, finger foods, Karaoke night, tell your story night, dancer night like in Flashdance the movie. I like the idea of enjoying life and making people happy.


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