“Show don’t tell”

I remembered back in middle/high school English teachers always mentioned for students to “show and not tell” when writing essays.

This concept always bothered me. I never knew how to express this concept of show the readers don’t tell the readers. I would argue that no matter what I’m still telling them something. I would just get red penned comments marking my essay saying I need to better employ the show don’t tell rule. After reading them, I would think to myself ugh, aren’t you (the teacher) supposed to be teaching me how to do that and what that means? It never sunk in until I began to write more and delve into how I learned best and expressed myself.

With Inspreneur, I will show and not tell. I have another venture, a food blog that I started a month ago with my friend. It lives on a WordPress blog, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram. It is called Plate by State.

Through Plate by State I will show you how to bootstrap through example and trial and error. I will highlight the business decisions, platforms and goals.

Inspreneur will recount the firsthand experience I have with Plate by State. It will be the home to how you can start from scratch and learn how to build something from nothing.

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