The ultimate entrepreneurial paradox

What a paradox it is to have a spirit-lifting passion and love for something only to realize you have no confidence in yourself to fulfil the dream?

This feeling of loss and discontent with letting a passionate hobby, career or love roll out with the tide is a major wound. The non-existent confidence combined with the yearning to do something can be paralyzing and can overtake your mind to the point where you implode. The scar never fades. It keloids. It becomes uglier and more visible until you give in, settle and accept that your weakness is stronger than your passion to fight and do right.

This paradox is out in the open and known to the world. Many suffer from it and it can be defeated. It’s out in the open and thus has escaped the confines of your cranium where you’ve been catering to it. Let it out–talk to yourself, a friend, write it down–so you can release yourself from such artificial, man-made fear. Now you are left with a void.

You want this void. It is a good void. It can be filled with anything you want. Don’t put the fear back in the there. It’s already out of the box, as it should be, and can be conquered. Instead, I want you to fill it with hope, a crucial element that drives a person to continue to be inspired and act entrepreneurial.

With hope remaining, your actions and faith will strengthen to continue believing in your pursuits. Keeping hope on the inside helps to build confidence, face fears and give your weaknesses a battle they cannot possibly win.

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