Are photos worth one thousand words?

I am completely aware this blog is lacking spice. By spice, I mean great photography. I appreciate a beautiful picture that conveys unfounded meaning, and I hope to shortly add some photos to enhance my blog. Right now, I am focused on starting this blog and creating a community for you. As I mesh out the flow and get a sense of my preferred “moonlighting” hours, I am certain I will add more. In the mean time, I want to share with you two free resources where we can snag some great photos to dress up my blog and your apartment walls!

You can search Unsplash or for pictures taken by various people from all over and on many subjects. These two sites offer hundred of photos for you to use for free. It is an economical way to change decor with the seasons or for me to add a relevant, eye catching visual to my content.

Once you’ve selected an image or a bunch to make a collage, you can print them to tack, frame, glue or hang around your place. Since the photos are free, I suggest blowing some up at a local printer and then finding a frame at a craft store.

If at all nervous, go to the FAQ or about pages to find out the specifics of what you can do with the photos. Both operate under the Creative Commons Zero license, which means the photos are free to use for personal or commercial purposes. You can modify and attribute the photos if you like. But to sum up how you can use the photos, revert to Unsplash’s tag line: “free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.”

Go start perusing the pics for some #inspo! I know I will.

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